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Don't talk to the double-dealing Dalai Lama!

By Hong Jie

    The flunky Dalai Lama has been causing troubles for China for years with the aids of foreign elements and forces. What's more, he never stops threatening us from the beginning of this Olympic year.

    Ever since China's Wenchuan earthquake struck on May 12, the international community has paid little attention to him, so he started to stir up troubles in different places in the world. Recently, Dalai Lama even said that Tawang, the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama, a territory that should belong to China, is Indian territory.

    He is a traitor of Tibet and wants to sell Tibetan land to get supports from foreign forces. He thought that Beijing is worried that the Tibetan issue will ruin the summer Olympic Games. But he's wrong! It's joking that China will be afraid of his activities. He assumes that he is doing the wise thing, but in the end he and his followers will attain nil. Why? It's very obvious that he's against Chinese Central Government. His so-called "Greater Tibet" and "high-degree autonomy for Tibet" are just other guises for Tibetan independence which he has been seeking.

    The current Chinese government is polite to him. If he lived in the Ming or Qing Dynasty, the then government would not talk to him but rather assign a general to destroy his force. Why should we give such a flunky a chance to negotiate with our government? He even attacks China when our nation is in difficulty!

Dalai is the main manipulator of violent and non-violent affairs

By Hong Jie

    Dalai always claims that he is committed to non-violence. During an interview with German "Der Spiegel" on May 6th this year, he said that he is committed to non-violence during his life, and he will do so in the future. How dare does he say so? Doesn't he think that the armed rebellion in Tibet in 1959 is violent? Doesn't he think that the rebel organization named "four rivers and six ranges", harassed people in Sino-Nepal border, is violent? Didn't these affairs happen in his life? Or didn't he lead these rebellions? He shouldn't be a dotard because he gave speeches in several countries these years. If he's not dull, it's obviously that he doesn't want to admit that the 1959 armed rebellion in Tibet and the harassing behaviors of "four rivers and six ranges" are violent. He even claimed the Lhasa 3.14 riot is a "peaceful protest".

    In an interview with AFP on May 23rd this year, Dalai said that if no agreement would be gotten with Chinese government, the protest would happen again, and would be violent. He thought more serious violence would occur as well. If Dalai doesn't think 1959 armed rebellion in Tibet, the harassing behaviors of "four rivers and six ranges" and the Lhasa 3.14 riot are violent, then the "violence" mentioned by him must be much more severe.

    Dalai always says he has nothing to do with violence and has no control over mob. However, in an interview with Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun on May 25th this year, he said that if Beijing accepts his proposal of Tibet, he promises no violence will be seen in the future. His words prove that he can make the affair be violent or not. His purpose is ask Chinese central government to talk with him and accept his requirements, otherwise, he will stir up troubles and even sacrifice innocent lives.

    It's unnecessary to cater to Dalai, who lacks credibility and humanity. China condemns everyone who breaks the law. What can he do then?

Editor: Yan Zhonghua
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