Nigerian long jumper wants Sydney Olympics gold medal awarded to Nigeria 2008-06-10 07:43:55   Print

Special report:   2008 Olympic Games    

    LAGOS, June 9 (Xinhua) -- Nigeria's long jump record-holder Yusuf Alli on Monday in Nigeria's economic hub Lagos urged the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to award the Sydney Olympics 4x400 metre relay gold medal to Nigeria, the News Agency of Nigeria reported.

    Alli said the IOC had no alternative than to apply the rule, following Antio Pettigrew's admission in court that he took performance enhancement substances.

    Alli said that it was gratifying that the truth eventually surfaced after "eight years of gestation".

    "That it took this long for the world to know that Nigeria was the true champions should be celebrated," he said.

    He condemned doping in sports and urged Nigeria's sports administrators to upgrade their knowledge in the area of drug testing.

    Long jumper Samson Idiata also said that officials in charge of managing athletes during international competitions did not take their jobs seriously.

    It is reported that Pettigrew was a member of the U.S. quartet of Alvin Harrison, Calvin Harrison and Michael Johnson.

    The Harrison twins, Alvin and Calvin, had been suspended for doping offences, leaving Johnson as the only member of the team not tainted by the drug scandal.

    It is also learnt that another member of the team Jerome Young had been ruled ineligible to take part in the Games as he was facing drug related probe prior to traveling to Sydney.

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