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Sichuan quake death toll rises to 9,219 
    BEIJING, May 13 (Xinhua) -- The death toll from a Monday earthquake in southwest China's Sichuan Province has climbed to 9,219, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
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President: quake relief government's top priority

    BEIJING, May 12 (Xinhua) -- Chinese leader Hu Jintao urged governments at all levels to regard earthquake rescue and relief as the top priority at a high profile meeting late Monday evening.  Full story

More students found buried


Sichuan quake death toll rises to 9,219

At least 157 killed in two cities near China quake epicenter

HKSAR gov't offers help to mainland earthquake-stricken areas

Quake closes major highways, expressways in SW China

, More students found buried after powerful earthquake

Seismological bureau: Major earthquakes not likely hit China in near future

Earthquake strands 95 Air Macao passengers in Chengdu airport

Backgrounder: Chronology of major earthquakes in China since 2003

Panda center out of contact after major quake in SW China

Official: Earthquake in Sichuan triggers tremor in Beijing, not separate one

Expert warns of aftershocks in SW China

Quake paralyzes phone networks in SW China

Quake affects grid, power plants in SW China

Flights delayed in China due to quake

Chengdu airport in SW China closed following major earthquake

Rain to linger in area of SW China hit by major earthquake

China Eastern Airlines cancels flights to SW quake area

Official: three Gorges Dam "not affected" by earthquake

China seismology bureau: Beijing aftershock rumor unfounded

Telecom firms say SW China quake hurts power for networks

Earthquake measuring 7.8 Richter scale hits SW China

Minor quake jolts E Beijing, high buildings evacuated

Earthquake measuring 7.6 Richter scale hits SW China

Urgent: Earthquake felt in Beijing

HKSAR gov't offers help to mainland earthquake-stricken areas

Isolated China quake epicenter appeals for emergency aid

Chinese disaster relief troops approaching earthquake epicenter on foot

Premier Wen arrives in Chengdu, heading for epicenter

China issues regulation to better manage disaster relief donation

President Hu orders utmost effort for Sichuan quake victims

Chinese health ministry sends 10 medical teams to quake-hit areas

Premier Wen appeals for "calm, confidence, efficiency" after quake

China Red Cross allocates relief supplies to quake victims

China initiates disaster relief emergency plan for Sichuan quake

Medical, military quake relief team mobilizing to leave Beijing

China seismological bureau to send team for Sichuan relief work

China sends troops to quake-hit county for disaster relief

Greek FM expresses condolences to Chinese gov't for quake victims

Spain's royal family expresses condolences to Chinese quake victims

EU expresses sympathy to China over earthquake

UN General Assembly president expresses sympathy to China quake victims

Balkan leaders send condolences to China

IOC offers support to China after earthquake

Chinese FM, UN chief hold telephone talks over massive earthquake

German chancellor offers condolences to China over earthquake

World leaders, int'l organizations offer condolences to quake-hit China

Sichuan quake death toll rises to 9,219

At least 157 killed in two cities near China quake epicenter

Strong earthquake leaves more than 8,700 dead

China earthquake kills 61 in NW Shaanxi Province

Sichuan quake death toll rises to 7,651

China earthquake kills 48 in NW Gansu Province

Local gov't says at least 3,000 feared dead in Sichuan's Beichuan county after earthquake

At least 15 dead near epicenter of SW China earthquake

China quake buries nearly 900 students in Sichuan, 50 confirmed dead

Sichuan: at least 55 dead, 600 injured after powerful earthquake

China quake kills 107, injures 34

China earthquake death toll rises to 15

Earthquake measuring 7.8 Richter scale hits SW China, 5 dead

China quake buries nearly 900 students in Sichuan Province

5 dead in SW China quake, dozens injured

Earthquake measuring 7.8 Richter scale hits SW China, 4 pupils dead

4 dead in SW China earthquake


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