11th Panchen Lama visits exhibition on Tibet's past and today
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Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu (C), the 11th Panchen Lama, attends an exhibition about Tibet in Beijing, capital of China, May 4, 2008. (Xinhua/Liu Jiansheng)
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    BEIJING, May 4 (Xinhua) -- The 11th Panchen Erdeni Gyaincain Norbu visited a large-scale exhibition themed "Tibet, the Past and the Present," here on Sunday.

    Panchen was shown around the 160 material exhibits and more than 400 pictures. The exhibition is being held in two halls of the Nationalities Cultural Palace.

    The exhibition features two parts: the History of Tibet and Feudal Serfdom in Old Tibet, and New Tibet Changing With Each Passing Day.

    It shows the backwardness of Old Tibet and the development and progress of New Tibet, as well as the inseparable, historic links between Tibet and the Chinese nation.

    During his visit, Panchen listened carefully to the introduction of staff workers of the exhibition and observed every exhibition area.

    He said the exhibition reproduced the darkness and people's miserable lives under the serfdom of the Old Tibet via historical files, cultural relics, pictures and graphs as well as Tibet's huge transformation in more than five decades.

    "As facts show Tibet's prosperity is the result of joint efforts made by all ethnic groups of the region. It is also due to the support from the entire country and care from the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee," he said.

    He added that the hard-earned happy life of today's Tibetans should be greatly cherished, and religious personnel should uphold patriotism, cherish their religion, abide by the law and commandments, and contribute to the region's stability and development and the nation's unity and unification.

    The exhibition is sponsored by the United Front Department of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council Information Office, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission and the regional government of Tibet. It is open to the public from April 30 to July 25, free of charge.

Special report: Tibet: Its Past and Present

Editor: Yan Liang
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