Chinese outbound travelers' average budget $3,000 2008-05-03 16:01:46   Print

    BEIJING, May 3 (Xinhua) -- Chinese travelers spend 2,597 to 3,506 U.S. dollars on overseas trips, with the amount varying by region, according to the Nielsen China Outbound Travel Monitor report.

    For those who hail from southern China, the average expenditure is at the bottom of the range, and only 10 percent opt for five-star hotels, compared with a national average of 12 percent, Nielsen said.

    They also travel more frequently than residents of other regions, averaging almost three trips a year, according to the survey that covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and 23 other cities.

    People from other parts of China travel less often but are willing to spend more when they do. Travelers from north China (including Beijing) spend the most, with an average of 3,506 U.S. dollars per trip. More than 20 percent of travelers from eastern China (including Shanghai) choose five-star hotels.

    "With the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, the China outbound travel market is expanding," said Grace Pan, head of travel and leisure research at Nielsen.

Editor: Amber Yao
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