Another reporter hit by mountain illnesses at Qomolangma Olympic torch relay 2008-05-01 19:03:43   Print

Special report: 2008 Olympic Games

    By Sportswriter Wang Jimin

    QOMOLANGMA, Tibet, May 1 (Xinhua) -- Another reporter from Hong Kong has retreated from the Mount Qomolangma media center not recovering from the mountain illnesses, organizers of the ascent of the Beijing Olympic flame over Mount Qomolangma confirmed here on Thursday.

    Lee Hanky, a Hong Kong reporter with the TVB station, has been suffering severe mountain illnesses, and on Wednesday was sent back to Tingri county of Xigaze Prefecture, southwest of Tibet Autonomous Region's capital Lhasa.

    This came just two days after Kuang Yiyi, an artist and also a Hong Kong TVB reporter, was transported down due to the same reason.

    Liu Xuan, deputy director of the media center, said Lee has been sent by an ambulance to Tingri, 102 kilometers away from the base camp. Liu said that the two reporters will join together in Xigaze to see the possibility of coming back to the Qomolangma media center.

    "Our doctor said he was too busy now as the reporters are working too hard and it is easy for them to concede to the illnesses, so I will beg you to keep an eye on your health," said Liu. "If you are sent down, it will do good to nobody."

    An official locked by mountain illness was also sent back to Xigaze with 4,300 meters.

    The ascent of the Olympic flame on the Qomolangma, known as the Everest in the west, is one of the magnificent moments in the pre-Games torch relay. The torch will be carried by the Chinese mountaineers over the world's tallest peak in May whenever the weather is suitable.

Editor: Sun Yunlong
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