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Special report: Tibet: Its Past and Present

    BEIJING, April 17 (Xinhua) -- A recent German website report reinforced an impression about a puppet show going on along with the Olympic torch relay, with the Dalai Lama and his supporters on the stage and anti-China forces behind the curtain.

    The report on the website said the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNSt), largely state-financed German foreign policy front organization, was behind an "action plan" to spur anti-China protests over Tibet before and during the2008 Beijing Olympics.

    At the fifth "International Tibet Support Groups Conference" organized by the FNSt in Brussels on May 11-14, 2007, a "plan of action" was made after several days of consultations to make the Olympics the focus of attack for the next 15 months, the report said.

    It said Paula Dobriansky, the Undersecretary of State in the U.S. State Department and special coordinator for Tibet questions, attended the conference.

    "They hired a full-time organizer for their campaign, who has since been directing the worldwide Tibet actions from their Washington headquarters," the report said.

    Studying the recent chaos about Tibet, people found that so-called "peaceful demonstrations" claimed 19 innocent lives in Lhasa, rumors about "violent crackdown on peaceful protestors" were never confirmed, and tolerance was given to those violently interrupting the Olympic torch relay.

    These are the same tricks as some anti-China forces have been playing against a fast-growing China.

    A tendency to make this Asian giant a threat and devil is very obvious. Regardless of the reality in the country, some people in the West always blame China for its social system, democracy, human rights and environmental protection.

    The Singapore-based daily Lianhe Zaobao said in a report, "Although remaining a small group of people, 'Tibet independence' supporters who tried to grab the Olympic torch and disturb the relay stood for the long standing bias, discrimination and hostility held by some people in the West."

    Anyone that is willing to stand against the country is embraced by these forces. The Dalai Lama has long been a good choice -- he is portrayed as a "victim suffering China's repression" and "merciful religious master."

    Historic researches have found that he received foreign supports to trigger a riot in 1959 and fled abroad.

    His hardcore supporters had openly admitted that they received about 1.7 million U.S. dollars a year from foreign intelligence agencies in the 1960s and, according to some uncovered documents, the Dalai Lama himself was granted subsidies.

    Several organizations such as "Tibet Fund," "International Campaign for Tibet" and "Tibet Information Network" have also received a large amount of financial support from foreign foundations and organizations.

    With their assistance, the Dalai Lama managed to tour the world as a "human right fighter" and spread his ideas about "Tibet independence."

    French Socialist senator Jean-Luc Melenchon said Tibet is just an excuse and the recent anti-China activities reminded him of the past when colonists forced China into opium trade.

    Former International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Juan Antonio Samaranch also agreed that the chaos during the torch relay were not accidental.

    At least, based on the report from Germany, people from the Dalai group and some anti-China forces have been working on this for quite a long time.

    And this double act is going on.

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