Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru seek to protect Amazonia 2008-04-17 09:21:30   Print

    BOGOTA, April 16 (Xinhua) -- Diplomats and indigenous leaders from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru met Wednesday in Bogota ina bid to protect Amazonia, the "world's lung," by limiting the exploitation of natural resources.

    "This is an Amazonian meeting of the four countries sharing that borderless region, our government works and implements negotiations to not exploit oil nor damage that region, the world's lung," said Ecuadorian consul Carlos Solorzano.

    The "Borders that unite" meeting is being held at the Luis Angel Arango library in downtown Bogota, Colombia's capital, and is also being attended by representatives of nine indigenous communities that live along the Amazonian border.

    The ethnic groups of the indigenous communities include Cofan, Murui, Huitoto, Coreguaje, Muinane, Cocama, Tikuna, Bora and Inga, and they will present plans and proposals to defend Amazonia, which belongs to them due to their cultural heritage.

    Colombia's representative at the meeting, Vice Minister of Culture Martha Bedoya, stated her country wants to implement an environmental integration policy and encourage dialogue on Amazonia with neighboring countries.

    The meeting will conclude on Friday and is also attended by the ambassadors of Colombia in Brazil and Peru, representatives of the European Commission for Colombia and Ecuador, and officials from the European Commission.

Editor: Du Guodong
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