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    SINGAPORE, April 14 (Xinhua) -- Singapore announced on Monday that it will launched a new two-rating classification system for video games from April 28.

    The move will be introduced to allow consumers, especially parents, to make informed choices about the video games available in the market, said the Board of Film Censors (BFC) under the Media Development Authority (MDA) in a statement on MDA's website.

    The new video games ratings include Mature 18 (M18) and Age Advisory. Both categories will carry rating stickers.

    M18 is a restricted category for persons 18 years old and above with retailers required to conduct an age check at the point of sales.

    Age Advisory is suitable for persons 16 years old and above. It is an advisory category to assist consumers in making informed choices. While retailers need not conduct age checks at the point of sale, they are encouraged to exercise responsibility by not selling these games to those below 16 years of age.

    Under the content guidelines, "games with content which contains moderate level of violence, portrayal of implied sexual activity, nudity without details, coarse language and depiction of illegal drug use" may be required to carry an Age Advisory label.

    "Games with mature themes, or which contain realistic depictions of violence and drug use, nudity and frequent use of strong coarse language" will be classified as M18.

    Games that do not fall into the either categories are approved for general consumption and won't carry any rating stickers.

    The new guidelines build upon the interim M18 rating, which was introduced in November 2007.

    The authorities said the video games classification system was developed over a two-year period involving detailed research and consultation. 

Editor: An Lu
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