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Dalai clique's lies exposed

Dalai clique's lies The truth

"I also appeal to them (Chinese leadership) to make sincere efforts to contribute to the stability and harmony of PRC and to avoid creating rifts between the nationalities.

"The state media's portrayal of the recent events in Tibet using deceit and distorted images could sow the seeds of racial tension with unpredictable long-term consequences."  (Source: Hindu, India)

Dalai Lama's "appeals" aim to fan unrest in Tibet, says local official

The "appeals" and "statements" the Dalai Lama made after the Lhasa violence were aimed to trigger more unrest in Tibet, said Qiangba Puncog, chairman of the Tibet autonomous regional government, here Wednesday.  Full story  Video

"...We know that a few hundred Chinese soldiers have been dressed like monks." (Source: newKerala.com)

Witnesses found to disprove allegation of police joining Lhasa riot as "monks"

Two witnesses have been found in Tibet who disproved an allegation of Chinese People's Armed Police(PAP) servicemen joined the March 14 Lhasa riots wearing monk's robes.  Full story

"Generally, Tibetans are following, I think quite sincerely, non-violent principles. Of course individual human beings, when emotions come out of control, then certain sort of violent actions are possible. But my principle, everybody knows is completely committed to non-violence." (Source: Reuters)

Dalai's brag about "peace," "non-violence" is nothing but lie

China on Tuesday criticized that the Dalai Lama has proved with his own acts that his brag for "peace" and "non-violence" is nothing but lie.  Full story

"While the most recent death toll from the demonstrations in Tibet is around 140, we are releasing the names and details of 40 identified people as well." (Source: Thaindian News)

Police: People announced dead by Dalai clique are still alive or non-existent

At least five people on the death roll given by the Dalai Lama clique after riots in Lhasa and other ethnic Tibetan areas last month have been proven alive or non-existent, police said on Sunday after investigation.  Full story

"And then also, whether intentionally or unintentionally, somewhere cultural genocide is taking place." (Source: Reuters)

Tibetologisit lashes out at Dalai's claim of "cultural genocide"

A Chinese expert on Tibetan studies lashed out at the Dalai Lama's recent claims of "cultural genocide" on Saturday, saying that the real motive behind the remarks is to split the country and seek Tibetan independence. Full story

"The international community has the moral responsibility to remind the Chinese government in order to be good host of the Olympic Games." (Source: Reuters)

Newspaper commentary: Dalai clique wants to make Olympics its hostage

The Dalai clique is trying to make the upcoming Olympic Games its hostage by tying it to the Tibet issue, said a commentary published in Tuesday's Global Times. Full story

Special report: Dalai clique's separatist activities condemned

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