China's top university looking to ban students from on-line cursing 2008-03-10 15:37:37   Print

    BEIJING, March 10 (Xinhua) -- China's prestigious Beijing University is considering a rule to get its students to mind their manners with a proposal to ban cursing and rumor-mongering on the Internet.

    The university, concerned about abusive comments and rumors on Internet forums, is considering amending its "Student Rules," which students in the university are supposed to take as moral guidance and abide by, President Xu Zhihong has told the Beijing Morning Post.

    The school, however, has yet to decide what penalties would be incurred as the ordinance is still under deliberation, said a university spokesman.

    In addition, the university is also endeavoring to guide the behavior and speech of its teachers, the paper reported Xu as saying.

    A committee of professors and experts from the university was working to revise a regulation guiding teacher morality, mainly underscoring the academic ethics of its staff.

    Last year, Beijing Normal University Professor Ji Guangmao gained the nickname "Professor Mudslinger" in the media after posting blog entries insulting and cursing fellow academic Zhong Hua, of Sichuan Normal University, who had criticized one of his books. Ji finally succumbed to pressure from Internet users and deleted the disparaging remarks from his blog.

Editor: Du Guodong
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