Malaysian minister: We are proud of Beijing Olympic Games too 2008-02-01 08:18:09   Print

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing Olympic Games is not only the pride of the Chinese, but also the pride of East, Malaysian Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Jamaluddin Jarjis said here on Thursday.

    "The whole world of East is being proud of Beijing Olympic Games, " Jamaluddin said at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic "Passion, Dreams, Hopes" Celebration held at Mines Wonderland Theme Park here.

    The event is jointly held by the Chinese embassy in Malaysia and Country Heights Holdings Berhad which owns Mines Wonderland Theme Park.

    Malaysia is also being proud of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, said Jamaluddin, whose speech won applause from the audience.

    The Beijing Olympic Games is a dream for the Chinese all over the world, said Cheng Yonghua, the Chinese ambassador to Malaysia.

    "The Beijing Olympic Games provides an opportunity for the world to know China," he added.

    The Chinese government, said the ambassador, will continue to spread the Olympic Spirit and promote peace and development in the world, and strengthen the understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and the rest of the world.

    "In Malaysia, whether it is from the government, the private sector or individual, we wholeheartedly support the Beijing Olympics," Lim added.

    Beijing Olympic "Passion, Dreams, Hopes" celebration will be held during the Chinese New Year celebration (Feb. 7-21) at Mines Wonderland Theme Park.

    Malaysia can experience the Olympics by watching Olympic-themedlantern, photo exhibition and musical fountain.

Editor: An Lu
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