Czech airports to introduce special measures after Schengen entry 2007-12-22 07:44:24   Print

    PRAGUE, Dec. 21 (Xinhua) -- Czech international airports will introduce special measures in connection with Czech's Schengen entry at midnight on Thursday although police controls have disappeared from ground border crossings, a government official said on Friday.

    As of Friday, the Czech international airports are the only place where citizens from non-Schengen countries can enter Czech territory directly, Jiri Celikovsky, who is head of the Interior Ministry department coordination Schengen cooperation, said.

    The Czech Republic only borders with other Schengen area members tates and it has no external borders with non-Schengen countries, the Czech news agency CTK quoted Celikovsky as saying.

    A special code defines the rules of the airport operation and under it passengers will be directed towards their own corridors and will not be allowed to mix in any place, he said.

    "The term of 'waterproof separation' is being used," Celikovsky said, adding that such measures required extensive reconstruction of the airports to prevent people from shifting from one corridor to another.

    The measures have already been introduced at large airports in Prague and Brno, Celikovsky said, adding that experts from the European Commission had inspected them.

    Similar measures are either under preparation at other international airports in the Czech Republic or their operators are considering another alternatives of operation, Celikovsky said.

    It is possible that flights from non-Schengen countries will be separated in time from flights from Schengen countries and their passengers would thus not meet at all, Celikovsky said.

    Nine European Union (EU) new member states, including the Czech Republic officially joined the passport-free Schengen Area from 0:00 a.m. Friday (2300 GMT).

Editor: Du Guodong
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