Czech, German police launch joint water patrols ahead of Schengen enlargement 2007-12-18 11:31:27   Print

    PRAGUE, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) -- The Czech and German police launched joint water patrols on the Labe (Elbe) River together with the Czech Interior Minister Ivan Langer and his Saxony counterpart Albrecht Butollo in connection with the upcoming Schengen enlargement, the Czech news agency CTK reported on Monday.

    The ministers hoisted a flag on the joint police motor boat called Europa that was funded by EU in Hrensko, the Czech Republic.

    Langer said that one of the human freedoms -- the movement of persons -- would extend along with the Czech Republic's Schengen entry on Dec. 21.

    Both ministers pointed out that people's safety would improve after the lifting of checks at EU borders.

    Langer said that the number of joint patrols that have been operating on the Czech-German border for some time now, will increase in the future.

    The Czech-German water patrols comprise two Czech and two German police in the boat, who will monitor Czech ships and German vessels respectively.

    They will also monitor possible damage people may cause to the wildlife in the area of the Ceske Svycarsko national park.

    The checks on the Czech-German border will end at midnight on Dec. 20-21 when the Schengen area will be extended to include all nine new EU members, including the Czech Republic.

Editor: Sun Yunlong
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