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    HAVANA, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- Bilateral trade between Cuba and China continued to witness a noticeable increase, and more made-in-China products have become a part of Cuban people's daily life.

    Bilateral trade totaled some 1.87 billion U.S. dollars in the January-October period this year, up 30.9 percent compared with the same period of last year, according to the statistics published by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. China's exports to Cuba in the period reached 921.02 million dollars while Cuba's exports to China were 948.82 million dollars.

    This makes China Cuba's second largest trade partner after Venezuela and places Cuba as China's largest Latin American trade partner.

    Cuba is the first Latin American country which established diplomatic ties with China. The two countries are enjoying one of the best times of their 47-year long diplomatic relationship, which is witnessed by their booming economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.

    Made-in-China products have a strong and shining presence in this Caribbean country with goods in such sectors as communications, agriculture and transportation, while Chinese-madehome appliances and services are emerging as new stars due to their quality.

    Currently, most of the 11.2 million Cuban homes have made-in-China home appliances, either televisions, refrigerators or cooking pots, light bulbs or water pumps.

    As the Cuban government has implemented the Energy Revolution program to enhance energy efficiency, the Cubans are encouraged to replace the old consumption products with more energy-saving ones.

    And thus the Chinese consumption equipment is becoming more and more popular among the Cubans as they are modern and efficient with attractive prices compared with products from other countries.

    Many Cuban officials have said on different occasions that the Chinese goods are technically advanced at good prices which have benefited the Cuban economy and the Cuban people.

    In 2006, Cuban leader Fidel Castro, on a television appearance, highlighted the advantages of Chinese products.

    The potential for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, which have enjoyed a long-term friendship, is very bright, said their leaders, who are planning to do more to bring their cooperation level to a new high.

    Negotiations on enhancing the trade between the two countries are held annually by their commissions for economic and trade relations.

    The 20th round of the talks is scheduled for later this month in China's Beijing to analyze the results of the past trade accords and to discuss new short- and medium-term plans to boost trade.

    China and Cuba have regarded these meetings as a good way for improving their mutual understanding and exploring new collaboration fields in an effort to strengthen their all-round friendly ties.

    Yang Shidi, the Economic and Trade advisor of the Chinese embassy in Cuba, said that the bilateral trade ties are moving in a favorable trend and getting stronger every day, which sets a good example of cooperation and friendship between China and the rest of the world.

Editor: Feng Tao
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