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    BEIJING, Dec. 13 (Xinhuanet) -- Bebo, the largest social network in the UK on Wednesday announced the launch of its Open Application Platform, which is 100 percent compatible with the Facebook Platform.

    Experienced developers and web businesses can now build their own small web tools for Bebo using a set of code offered by the the popular teen social networking site.

    Bebo's Open Application Platform will be fully compatible with the thousands of applications that have helped fuel growth at social network Facebook, as well as a newer platform called OpenSocial launched by Google Inc in October.

    "We're not doing this to compete with Facebook," Bebo CEO and co-founder Michael Birch said at a launch event in San Francisco. "We're doing this to create a better experience for the user."

    On Wednesday, Facebook said in a blog post to developers that it would license its technology platform to other social networks as a model.

    The step means that developers currently building Facebook applications "can make their applications available on other social sites with no extra work," Facebook said.

    Applications have become a major feature of social networking sites, allowing users to access a host of services inside the site. Facebook now offers more than 10,000 applications built by external developers.


Editor: Wang Yan
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