South Korean Lee wins gold in men's trap and Olympic berth 2007-12-07 20:47:55   Print

    KUWAIT CITY, Dec. 7 (Xinhua) -- Sharpshooter Lee Young Sik snatched the gold medal of men's trap at the 11th Asian Shooting Championships here on Friday with 138 hits, and took an Olympic berth for South Korea

    Leading in the qualification round with 117 hits, the 34-year-old Lee Young Sik maintained his advantage all along by scoring 21 in the 25-shot final.

    Kuwait city saw a heavy sandstorm on Friday, when seats by the outdoor trap ranges were coated with sand and branches of trees wavering strongly in the wind.

    "It is disadvantageous for me," Lee Young Sik said, "but all the athletes are competing in the same environment."

    With his success, South Korea received a quota place for the event at the upcoming Olympic Games. "I am so happy that I got it," he said.

    Kuwaiti marksman Naser Meqlad, 25-year-old gold medalist of the event at the Doha Asian Games who was three points behind in the qualification round did better than Lee Young Sik and downed 22 birds, but the performance was less than enough for him to replace the former.

    Nevertheless, Meqlad secured his country a quota place as well.

    The third quota place went to Lee Wung Yew from Singapore, who was ranked fifth in the qualification round and appeared sharp in the final by dragging the third-placed Indian shooter Mansher Singh to a shoot-off.

    In the long five-shot shoot-off, both shooters missed the first shot and scored the following three. But Singh missed the fifth one, leaving the bronze for the excited Lee Wung Yew.

    "This is the first quota place Singapore got in shooting events, and is possibly the only one," he said.

    Chinese shooters Li Hui, Zhang Bing and Li Yang finished as the 15th, 19th and 22nd respectively, with their scores listed as 108, 105 and 104, failing to bring their country the ticket for the Olympic Games.

Editor: Du Guodong
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