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Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao delivers a speech during the unveiling ceremony of the moon image captured by China's lunar orbiter Chang'e-1 at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center in Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 26, 2007. China published the first picture of the moon captured by Chang'e-1 on Monday morning, marking the success of the country's first lunar probe project. (Xinhua Photo)
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    Firstly, China would continue to use major scientific and technological projects as a "tractive force" to drive research and development as well as the application of new technologies.

    "The success (of lunar probe) shows it's completely possible for China to make breakthroughs in priority projects and win decisive battles in the competition of new high technologies," he said.

    Wen encouraged scientists and technicians participating in the project, which began in 2004 and cost 1.4 billion yuan (187 million U.S. dollars), to continue to strive for exploration and pursue technical innovations in a scientific and integrated manner.

    Through this project, Chinese scientists and technicians have invented and grasped great core technologies and scored 100 percent quality assurance check on design and manufacturing.

    "The integration of bold innovation and an earnest work style is the guarantee for the success of major scientific and technological projects," he said.

    The Premier also said that China would continue to strengthen multi-departmental collaboration and give respect to knowledge and talents.

    As the lunar probe researchers are no more than 40 years old on average with a number of them in their early 30's or 40's assuming the posts of chief designers and chief commanders, Wen said that the Chinese people would be very proud and gratified to see there was no lack of successors in the cause of aerospace.

    A total of 22 individuals and eight departments gained the National May 1 Medals and Diplomas from the All China Federation of Trade Unions on Monday for their outstanding contributions to the lunar probe project. Roughly 10,000 people from 200 departments have participated in the program.

    In the future, Wen said, the Chinese people were expecting first-class research fruits based on the first-hand exploration data collected by the lunar probe.

    To commemorate the success, the China Post started to issue a special stamp on Monday, with a face value of 1.2 yuan (about 16 U.S. cents). The stamp designed by Wang Huming is available on market for six months.

    China carried out its maiden piloted space flight in October 2003, making it the third country in the world after the former Soviet Union and the United States to have sent men into space. In October 2005, China completed its second manned space flight, with two astronauts aboard the Shenzhou VI spacecraft.  

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