PC Factory for Beijing 2008 becomes operational
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Special report:   2008 Olympic Games 

    BEIJING, Nov. 20 -- The PC Factory, the central facility managed by Atos Origin for the configuration and distribution of the Olympic Games IT equipment to the Olympic venues, has become operational, marking the final stage of central planning and preparations of IT equipment for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

    "The on-time completion of the PC Factory is the result of close cooperation between Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), Atos Origin, and other partners. Its operation marks another milestone in the building of the IT system for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. We commend the great efforts made and strong expertise demonstrated by Atos Origin and Lenovo in the building and operating of the PC Factory," said Yang Yichun, director of BOCOG Technology.

    Located inside the Olympic Logistics Center (OLC) in Shunyi District, Northeast Beijing, the PC Factory is responsible for configuration and distribution of all the Games' IT equipment before they are dispatched to more than 70 Olympic Games venues. Such equipment includes 10,000 PCs and servers, over 1,000 network devices, and over 2,000 printers.

    The PC Factory will also perform the same functions for the Beijing 2008 Paralympics Games.

    "The PC Factory is a critical processing Center for all the IT equipment used at the Games. Every single device, and there are thousands, must be properly configured, tested and prepared for deployment at Olympic Games venues," said Jeremy Hore, Chief Integrator, Beijing 2008, Atos Origin. "We will continue working closely with BOCOG Technology and other partners to ensure the operation of the PC Factory effectively supports the venues and contributes to the success of the Olympic Games."

    As the Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games, Atos Origin designs, builds and operates the vast IT system that relays the event results and athlete information to spectators and media around the world in real-time during live competition.

    (Source: BOCOG)

Editor: Feng Tao
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