Hologram tech: fashion show without models, runway
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    BEIJING, Nov. 8 (Xinhuanet) -- "Star Trek" fans familiar with the "Holodeck" onboard the space ship Enterprise would have felt right at home Wednesday at a fashion show in New York City where the models were holograms and the runway was "virtual."

    The two-day show at Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall put on by Target stores displayed men's, women's, bridal and maternity collections.

    "This is the first time a fashion show will be completely produced with hologram technology, without models, without a runway and easily accessible to all fashion fans," said Trish Adams, the company's senior vice president.

    Powered by Musion Systems Limited, the presentation gives 2-D images the illusion of depth. The installations are recorded, played back and projected to create the illusion.

    Holography is a type of photography that allows images to be stored in 3-D. (They are often confused with volumetric displays that represent objects visually in three dimensions.)

    Classic holograms are viewed by shining a laser light through them in one direction and looking at the reconstructed image from the opposite direction.

    Holograms can now also be illuminated by white light. Rainbow holograms can be printed on plastic films, as commonly found on credit cards as a security feature and on product packaging.

    The Holodeck on Star Trek -- where crew could have holographic experiences -- was supposed to be light-years ahead of modern day holography, and was said to actually produce "holomatter" that users could interact with.


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