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    JAKARTA, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) -- A 30-year-old Indonesian woman died of suspected bird flu on Saturday, the country's health ministry said here.

    The woman from Tanggerang town on the outskirts of Jakarta died on Saturday in a designated bird flu hospital of Persahabatan in east Jakarta, said Harris Subiantro, an official of the anti-bird flu center of the ministry.

    One of two laboratories' tests, which needed for confirmation, indicated that she was positive of avian influenza, said the official.

    "She was dead today. One of laboratory tests has showed positive," he told Xinhua.

    The woman had history of contact with some of hundreds chickens that suddenly died last month in her residence, he said.

    "She had contact with dead chickens belonging to her neighbors," said Subiantoro.

    If the woman's case is confirmed, it will put the death toll to90 out of 112 cases in the bird flu hardest-hit country, he said.

    Her child and niece who were suspected of having the disease, were not under suspicion, said the official.

    The woman began to have the germs of the disease on Oct. 23 and went to clinics five days later in the town, said the official. She was admitted to a hospital in Tanggerang town on Oct. 30 and was shifted to Persahabatan hospital in East Jakarta one day later, said Subiantoro.

    Millions of people could be dead should the highly pathogenic H5N1 viruses mutate into a certain level that could make it transmittable among humans.

    Huge territory, traditional way of rising chickens on back yard and lack of obedience to provincial administration in implementing the Jakarta decision to stop the virus spread are among the obstacles to fighting bird flu in the country.

Editor: Jiang Yuixa
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