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Venezuela: good riddance to outgoing U.S. ambassador 2007-06-06 10:18:48
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    CARACAS, July 5 (Xinhua) -- The Venezuelan government this week marked the end of its fraught relationship with U.S. Ambassador William Brownfield by saying good riddance to the "shamed" outgoing diplomat who it accused of attempting to "topple" the nation's leadership.

    The comments follow Brownfield's parting shot, which came in the form of a televised sarcastic attack on President Hugo Chavez for his string of anti-U.S. remarks.

    "William Brownfield came to Venezuela with one mission: to destabilize the government of President Chavez, to help topple him," Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro told reporters, saying that Brownfield's mission had failed.

    Saying Brownfield "leaves with more shame than glory," Maduro hoped his successor could be "at least serious" although "there is little to hope" for any appointee of U.S. President George W. Bush.

    During a TV interview shown Wednesday night, the outgoing U.S. diplomat ridiculed Chavez's anti-U.S. remarks, sarcastically saying that the U.S. people would likely do some "very conspiratorial things" this week during the Independence Day holiday, such as "attending baseball games."

    Brownfield, scheduled to leave Venezuela for home Thursday, is being replaced by Patrick Duddy.

Editor: Bi Mingxin
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