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"AIDS cure" promoters face prosecution in Zambia 2007-06-02 18:47:02
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    LUSAKA, June 2 (Xinhua) -- Zambian Health Ministry has summoned a Lusaka businessman and his American associate to appear before a committee of experts to answer concerns on the controversial AIDS drug which the two claim can cure the deadly disease, according to Zambia Daily Mail.

    The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority under the ministry has summoned the duo in the wake of reports that they are administering the drug on people without subjecting it to scientific tests for approval.

    Health director of clinical services of the ministry James Simpung we told the parliamentary committee on health, community services and social welfare on Friday that Edgar Ngoma and his American associate Boyd Graves risk prosecution should they fail to submit a sample of the chemical of the drug.

    Simpungwe told the committee that Tetrasil, whose basic chemical is silver, is known in the medical world as a disinfectant.

    "There are penalties for anyone who does not follow the guidelines. If this illegal arrangement continues, we will work with the police, immigration, and the Drug Enforcement Commission to get to the bottom of this issue," he said.

    Health Minister Brian Chituwo warned Friday in Chiawa, Lusaka province the public not to use the Tetrasil drug as a remedy for HIV/AIDS because it has not been certified by the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority (PRA).

    He explained that because the drug is not registered and its prescription is currently illegal.

    Chituwo said there has been reports that the drug could be a pesticide used to disinfect swimming pools.

Editor: Jiang Yuxia
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