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Zhang Jizhong's TV Drama welcomed in Japan 2007-04-28 09:07:27
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Two lead roles in Zhang Jizhong's remake of TV drama "The Return of the Condor Heroes". (File Photo)
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    BEIJING, April 28 -- Chinese martial arts TV drama director, Zhang Jizhong says he believes the good quality of his martial arts drama works have accounted for their popularity and reputation in Japan.

    Zhang Jizhong made the remarks when responding to questions raised Friday by the Shanghai-based about how his martial arts TV dramas become hot in Japan.

    The director says another reason that his dramas could succeed in Japan was that his works promote a universal ethics and spirit. He points out it was Chinese people's diligence and bravery which so touched the Japanese audiences.

    According to Zhang Jizhong, several martial arts TV dramas including his remakes of "Legend of Condor Heroes" and "The Battle Wizard" had been broadcasted at Japanese TV stations since 2005.

    The director's latest TV drama "Royal Tramp" has also recently finished shooting, and is set to be bought by the Japanese TV station. Reports said Zhang's remake of "The Return of the Condor Heroes" received record high ratings when it was first broadcast on the Japanese NECO TV station.

    The station even planned to rebroadcast the drama in May. Director Zhang Jizhong also revealed to his willingness to shoot TV dramas to satisfy the Japanese market. He said he has begun to negotiate with Japanese production companies about cooperation in TV dramas in future.


Editor: Xiao Jie
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