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China's Action Plan on IPR Protection 2007 2007-04-23 16:58:21
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    A Brief Note on China's Action Plan on IPR Protection 2007

    To give a comprehensive, systematic and substantive outline of China's measures for IPR protection in 2007, to effectively dictate nationwide IPR protection efforts and to follow guidelines of the National Working Group for IPR Protection, member agencies of the Working Group Office are pleased to present this Action Plan on IPR Protection for 2007, which details 276 measures in 10 areas.

    In line with the 2007 Action Plan, relevant authorities will draft, formulate and revise 14 laws, regulations, rules and administrative measures on trademark, copyright, patent and customs protection as well as 7 judicial interpretations and guidelines. On the enforcement side, 14 dedicated campaigns including Fight Piracy Every Day, crackdown on pirated textbooks and teaching supplements and Operation Blue-sky, coupled with 11 standing enforcement programs will be carried out. With regard to trails, 8 measures will be in place to keep self-innovation and IPR inventiveness alive. With regard to institutional building, 8 areas of efforts involving 46 measures will follow to establish a highly potent enforcement coordination mechanism and to improve and standardize the functions of the IPR Service Centers. 74 publicity measures in 8 forms such as large promotion events, media programming and press conferences will continue. 36 training measures in the forms of reading materials, training courses and workshops will target party and government leaderships, grass-rote enforcement agents, corporate and non-corporate organizations, lawmakers as well as university, middle and primary school students. In international exchange and partnership programs, 26 measures such as dialogues, study visits, exchanges and training cooperation will be implemented to further engage China in international activities of trademark, copyright and patent protection. To advance IPR protection at the business level, 9 measures such as building a business priority watch-directory in the public security system and formulating Opinions on Strengthening IPR Protection in Large State-owned Enterprises will be introduced. In addition, 8 measures will be at the service of right-holders, including a regular meeting mechanism to consult and coordinate with foreign-invested enterprises, and a hotline and online platform for overseas IPR disputes. Last but certainly not the least, 23 thematic studies on IPR protection will be organized.

Editor: Yan Zhonghua
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