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iPod finally tunes in to consumers 2007-03-16 08:28:25
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    BEIJING, March 16 -- After six months of negotiating with the city's consumer rights watchdog over complaints about after-sales service, Apple Inc said this week it will take "practical measures to solve" the problem.

    The company refused, however, to say what the practical measures would be or comment on the complaints.

    Despite the complete and utter lack of specifics, the Shanghai Commission of Consumers' Rights and Interests Protection still praised Apple for finally settling the dispute.

    The commission said the Apple China branch has given it a written guarantee that it will "adopt practical measures to solve the consumers' complaints."

    A chorus of complaints began to emerge last year from iPod owners angered by poor after-sales service for the digital music players, prompting the commission to demand changes.

    Consumers said Apple refused to repair broken iPods, instead replacing them with used devices, and the warranty period for replaced iPods was shortened for no reason.

    "We think it is a good beginning for companies such as these to listen to our consumers' demands," said Tang Jiansheng, deputy director of the consumer rights commission's legal department.

    "We can see it's still a long way to go for the both sides (companies and consumers) to get along smoothly," he added.

    Tang said many multinational companies ignored the consuming habits of Chinese, which has lead to a growing number of disputes. He mentioned several cases, including the recall of Nestle milk formula that contained too much iodine and the discovery of metals in SK-II cosmetics.

    "What angered our consumers is not only quality problems of the products, but also the companies' cold and arrogant attitudes towards consumers when dealing with the affairs," Tang said.

    "We hope such companies will respect Chinese consumers and their consuming habits, in order to seek a more smooth relations with them."

    (Source: Shanghai Daily)

Editor: Sun Yunlong
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