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Argentina reports 20 new dengue cases 2007-03-06 10:27:22
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    BUENOS AIRES, March 5 (Xinhua) -- Argentine authorities Monday reported 20 new dengue cases, 19 in the northern province of Corrientes and one in the capital city of Buenos Aires.

    Jorge Cialzetta, anti-dengue coordinator of Corrientes' health ministry, said the region's cases were all in the Sur and Popular neighborhoods of Corrientes city, the capital of the province.

    Several of the cases are concentrated among families or those living in student lodgings.

    Dengue has been spreading in the region despite a campaign against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that transmits the disease, he said.

    "The patients are in good clinical care even though they are confined to their houses," he said.

    The official said that anti-dengue officers were conducting door-to-door searches in the area and interviewing those showing symptoms of the disease.

    Six groups have also been set up to prepare for further outbreaks, including doctors, community officers, non-governmental organization workers, health officers, insect specialists and Central Laboratory technicians.

    The Federal Health Ministry has sent 60 people to the region, and the National Zoonosis Directorate has sent a group of technicians.

    In Buenos Aires, Jose Potito, director of the Evita Pueblo public hospital, said the lone patient in the city was a 30-year-old Paraguayan woman who came to the hospital Saturday with flu-like symptoms.

    "The patient was there in a high-risk area for this illness and when she returned home she began to experience symptoms compatible with the illness," Potito said.

    Last Thursday, Paraguay declared a state of emergency following a wave of dengue cases. The country is undergoing the worst dengue outbreak in its history with some 14,000 cases reported so far this year.

    The patient has been kept in isolation to prevent the spread of the disease, he said.

    Buenos Aires health chiefs said there were 74 cases under observation in the region, 39 of which had been confirmed as dengue fever.

    All the dengue patients in the region had traveled in from other places, authorities said.

    Dengue fever is a serious infectious disease transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes and is usually found in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide.

    Classic dengue often presents symptoms such as high fever, intense headaches, and joint and muscle pain. The more severe hemorrhagic form of dengue may cause a sudden fever, rashes, easy bruising, aches, weakness, restlessness and possible bleeding of the gums and internal bleeding.

Editor: Yao Runping
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