Greek government urges precautions against bird flu 2007-02-14 07:17:16

Special report: Global fight against bird flu

    ATHENS, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- The Veterinary Department of Thessaloniki Prefecture in northern Greece on Tuesday advised the owners of homebred poultry to take advance precautions to prevent the spread of the bird flu, following reports of avian flu incidents in Hungary, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

    According to the Athens News Agency, there have been no reports of suspected bird flu cases in Greece so far.

    The prefecture circulated a reminder listing the measures that need to be taken, acting on recommendations from the Rural Development and Food Ministry.

    Poultry breeders who come across sudden and unusually high number of poultry deaths should notify authorities immediately, while citizens should report any sick or dead wild birds to authorities to have them tested for the bird flu virus, according to the reminder.


Editor: Feng Tao
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