Survey: China's salary hike tops world three 2007-02-08 15:02:02

    BEIJING, Feb. 8 -- Chinese can expect huge salary increases in 2007, said a survey conducted by the human resources consultant ECA International.

    Benefiting from the growth of the economy, from human resource shortages and the decline of the inflation rate, workers in China will see a wage increase of 6 percent in 2007, ranking third in the world wage hike record.

    It is Asian countries that lead the global wage increase, with an average continental expected - rise of 3.6 percent - one and a half times the expected-rise in 2006.

    The strong driving power of the economy has been sped up by the appearance of millionaires and private banks entering the region.

    The survey covers 45 countries. India, expecting 7 percent growth, topped first in the salary survey. Americans will probably see wage rise of 1.1 percent.

    The top ten countries listed in the survey are India, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Thailand, Slovak, South Korea, Malaysia, Egypt and Russia.


Editor: Jiang Yuxia
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