Windows Vista: Security flaws found 2006-12-27 11:05:50

Windows Vista

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    BEIJING, Dec. 27 (Xinhuanet) -- Serious flaws were found in Microsoft's new computer operating system Windows Vista which was released to corporate customers late last month, according to media reports Tuesday.

    On Dec. 15, a Russian programmer posted a description of a flaw that makes it possible to increase a person's privileges on all of the company's recent operating systems, including Vista.

    Also, a Silicon Valley computer security firm said it had notified Microsoft that it had found that flaw, as well as five other vulnerabilities, including one serious error in the software code underlying the company's new Internet Explorer 7 browser.

    The reports said one of the flaws, the browser, is particularly troubling because it potentially means that Web users could become infected with malicious software simply by visiting a booby-trapped site and makes it possible for an attacker to inject rogue software into the Vista-based computer.

    Another flaw, the programming, affects older Windows systems too, but Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer for Finnish security research company F-Secure Corp, said vulnerabilities like these are quite common and can be fixed with a software patch, which Microsoft releases on the second Tuesday of each month.

    Down playing the event, Hypponen added, "The bottom line is you couldn't use a vulnerability like this to write a worm or hack a Vista system remotely. It's a nonevent in other ways."

    Vista, the first major Windows upgrade since Windows XP was launched in 2001, was critical to Microsoft's reputation. It was made available Nov. 30 to businesses that buy Windows licenses in bulk. Consumers generally won't be able to get Vista until Jan. 30.

    Microsoft has spent millions branding the Vista operating system as the most secure product it has produced, and it is counting on Vista to help turn the tide against a wave of software attacks now plaguing Windows-based computers.



    Windows Vista launched to business customers

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- Microsoft launched Windows Vista, the long-awaited update to the software giant's ubiquitous operating system, for business customers on Thursday.

    The company also announced new versions of its Office software suite and Exchange Server messaging system, CNN reported.

    More memory not needed for Vista

    BEIJING, Nov. 27 -- Microsoft Corp's Vista operating system may do little for shares of Samsung Electronics Co and Hynix Semiconductor Inc, Asia's largest memory-chip makers, because most new computers already have enough memory to run it.

    Micron Technology Inc, the biggest American maker of memory chips, and Qimonda AG, Europe's largest, have joined Samsung and Hynix in predicting rising demand because the first major upgrade of Windows since 2001 requires more memory in personal computers. The system will be offered to companies starting on November 30, Bloomberg News reported.

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