Malaysian militant group leader hanged 2006-08-04 21:18:36

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- The leader of a militant group called "Al-Mau'nah" was hanged at a prison in Malaysia's central state of Selangor on Friday, Malaysia's national news agency Bernama reported.

    Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali went to the gallows early Friday morning and he became the first man convicted for waging war against the king, Bernama said.

    Mohamed Amin led a band of 29 men in a doomed mission to overthrow the government and the cult burst into national prominence after they carried off a cache of weapons, ammunition and other army equipment from two army camps in Perak in July 2000, Bernama said.

    Dressed in the uniforms of senior army officers, they tricked their way past the guards and raided the armories, it said.

    Mohamed Amin also sent his cult members to bomb breweries near Kuala Lumpur and the Hindu temple in Batu Caves, according to Bernama.

    The band even seized four hostages -- three security forces members and a civilian who wandered into their camp while looking for durian.

    In June 2003, the Malaysian Federal Court turned down Mohamed Amin's appeal for life imprisonment and confirmed the death sentence on him for waging war against the king, Bernama said.

    Two of his right-hand men, Zahit Muslim and Jamaluddin Darus, were also sentenced to death. Sixteen others were given life sentences, it added. Enditem

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