Microsoft launches upgrade to MSN Messenger 2006-06-20 15:18:40

Microsoft Corp. said on Monday that it has launched a new internet messaging service -- Windows Live Messenger    BEIJING, June 20 (Xinhuanet) -- Microsoft Corp. said on Monday that it has launched a new internet messaging service -- Windows Live Messenger.

    The service is the next-generation of its free MSN Messenger e-mail service, the company added.

    The free program is an upgrade to MSN Messenger, the previous name for the software maker's tool for quickly communicating online.

    Officials at the software giant said the new service will allow users to make video calls using the company's new LifeCams, which were unveiled last week.

    Other features of the new product, Microsoft said, include the ability to connect users to the Verizon Web Calling service, allowing the use of cordless phones designed exclusively for the product, and enhanced file-sharing capabilities.  

    Martin Taylor, corporate vice president of Windows Live and MSN, said: "Windows Live Messenger offers people the ability to see, talk and share with family and friends in such a seamless way that puts them in control."

    Windows Live Messenger is one of the first products to debut under Microsoft's new "Live" brand. The company is renaming some products and launching others under the "Live" brand as it tries to offer more Web-based products.

    MSN Messenger, reportedly used by 240 million people worldwide, will remain "alive and well" with people having the option of upgrading at no cost to Windows Live Messenger, according to Microsoft. Enditem


Editor: Lu Hui
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