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Medallists of athletics tournament at National Games
www.chinaview.cn 2005-10-22 23:00:13

    NANJING, East China, Oct. 22 (Xinhuanet) -- Following are the medallists of the athletics tournament at the 10th Chinese National Games:


    100 meters

    Gold: Gong Wei, Guangxi, 10.24 seconds

    Sivler: Hu Kai, Individual, 10.31

    Bronze: Pang Guibin, Guangxi, 10.32     

    200 meters

    Gold: Yang Yaozu, Shanghai, 20.73 seconds

    Silver: Wang Chengliang, Chinese Army, 21.11

    Bronze: Deng Yijun, Hongkong, 21.15     

    400 meters

    Gold: Wang Liangyu, Guangdong, 46.15 seconds

    Sivler: Wang Xiaoxu, Beijing, 46.44

    Bronze: Tan Biao, Guangdong, 46.66     

    800 meters

    Gold: Li Xiangyu, Shanxi, 1 minutes 48.21 seconds

    Silver: Li Guangming, Hubei, 1:49.26

    Bronze: Tang Baojun, Shanghai, 1:49.58     

    1,500 meters

    Gold: Dou Zhaobo, Shandong, 3 minutes 40.88 seconds

    Siver: Tang Baojun, Shanghai, 3:41.10

    Bronze: Yang Anyue, Yunnan, 3:44.54     

    5,000 meters

    Gold: Sun Wenyong, Shandong, 13 minutes 58.02 seconds

    Silver: Chen Mingfu, Yunnan, 13:58.84

    Bronze: Zhengkai, Shandong, 13:59.23     

    10,000 meters

    Gold: Chen Mingfu, Yunnan, 28 minutes 16.40 seconds

    Silver: Du Pengyuan, Guangdong, 28:29.37

    Bronze: Han Gang, Yunnan, 28:35.73     

    3,000m Steeplechase

    Gold: Sun Wenli, Shandong, 8 minutes 32.36 seconds

    Silver: Sun Wenyong, Shandong, 8:33.37

    Bronze: Shi Linzhong, Jiangsu, 8:33.94     

    110m hurdles

    Gold: Liu Xiang, Shanghai, 13.10 seconds

    Silver: Shi Dongpeng, Hebei, 13.44

    Bronze: Chen Ming, Tianjin, 13.70     

    400m hurdles

    Gold: Meng Yan, Jilin, 49.19 seconds (national record)

    Silver: Zhang Shibao, Shandong, 49.75

    Bronze: Zhu Zhi, Guangdong, 49.88     

    4x100m relay

    Gold: Guangxi, 39.41 seconds

    Silver: Shanghai, 39.65

    Bronze: Guangdong, 39.72     

    4x400m relay

    Gold: Guangdong, 3 minutes 06.97 seconds

    Silver: Fujian, 3:08.79

    Bronze: Jiangsu, 3:09.84     

    High Jump

    Gold: Zhang Shufeng, Heilongjiang, 2.24 meters

    Silver: Liang Tong, Beijing, 2.21

    Bronze: Huang Haiqiang, Zhejiang, 2.18     

    Pole Vault

    Gold: Liu Feiliang, Shandong, 5.60 meters

    Silver: Yang Yansheng, Shandong, 5.45

    Bronze: Chinese Army, 5.40     

    Long Jump

    Gold: Zhang Xin, Tianjin, 7.99 meters

    Silver: Li Runrun, Jiangsu, 7.89

    Bronze: Gu Junjie, Sishuan, 7.86     

    Triple Jump

    Gold: Li Yanxi, Hebei, 16.95 meters

    Silver: Lin Mujie, Fujian, 16.50

    Bronze: Li Ming, Xinjiang, 16.46     

    Shot Put

    Gold: Zhang Qi, Shanxi, 20.15 meters (national record)

    Silver: Tian Yingchun, Heilongjiang, 19.25

    Bronze: Jia Peng, Liaoning, 18.99     

    Discus Throw

    Gold: Li Shaojie, Shandong, 62.85 meters

    Silver: Wu Tao, Liaoning, 61.91

    Bronze: Nuermaimaiti.Tulake, Xinjiang, 59.60     

    Hammer Throw

    Gold: Ye Kuigang, Chinese Army, 71.93 meters

    Silver: Liu Fuxiang, Hainan, 70.33

    Bronze: Qi Dakai, Shaanxi, 67.35     

    Javelin Throw

    Gold: Li Rongxiang, Zhejiang, 81.06 meters

    Silver: Chenqi, Shanghai, 78.99

    Bronze: Liu Yanhong, Henan, 77.09     


    Gold: Qi Haifeng, Liaoning, 7854 points

    Silver: Yu Bin, Sichuan, 7705

    Bronze: Hong Qingyang, Zhejiang, 7452     

    20km Race Walk

    Gold: Li Gaobo, Jiangsu, 1 hour 18 minutes 22 seconds

    Silver: Zhu Hongjun, Liaoning, 1:19:00

    Bronze: Yu Chaohong, Yunnan, 1:19:08     

    50km Race Walk

    Gold: Yu Chaohong, Yunnan, 3 hours 36 minutes 06 seconds (Asianrecord)

    Silver: Zhao Chengliang, Yunnan, 3:36:13

    Bronze: Alatanga, Inner Mongolia, 3:40:23     


    Gold: Zhang Qingle, Jiangsu, 2 hours 15 minutes 06 seconds

    Silver: Li Zhuhong, Gansu, 2:16:06

    Bronze: Su Wei, Qinghai, 2:16:26     


    100 meters

    Gold: Qin Wangping, Jiangsu, 11.34 seconds

    Silver: Liu Li, Heilongjiang, 11.51

    Bronze: Chen Lisha, Individual, 11.55     

    200 meters

    Gold: Qin Wangpin, Jiangsu, 23.50

    Silver: Liu Li, Heilongjiang, 23.69

    Bronze: Ren Xiufen, Shandong, 23.95     

    400 meters

    Gold: Huang Xiaoxiao, Shandong, 51.95 seconds

    Silver: Pu Fanfang, Shandong, 52.34

    Bronze: Zhang Xiaoyuan, Shandong, 52.65     

    800 meters

    Gold: Liu Qing, Shanxi, 1 minute 59.74 seconds

    Silver: Yang Xiaocui, Guangdong, 2:02.64

    Bronze: Yang Wei, Jiangsu, 2:02.83     

    1,500 meters

    Gold: Liu Qing, Shanxi, 4 minutes 04.00 seconds

    Silver: Huangjing, Shandong, 4:10.13

    Bronze: Xie Sainan, Jiangsu, 4:11.11     

    5,000 meters

    Gold: Xing Huina, Shandong, 15 minutes 20.09 seconds

    Silver: Zhu Xiaolin, Liaoning, 15:22.35

    Bronze: Xi Qiuhong, Beijing, 15:25.36     

    10,000 meters

    Gold: Xing Huina, Shandong, 31 minutes 00.73 seconds

    Silver: Zhou Chunxiu, Jiangsu, 31:09.03

    Bronze: Bao Guiying, Gansu, 31:27.35     

    100m hurdles

    Gold: Liu Jing, Sichuan, 12.96 seconds

    Silver: Su Yiping, Jiangsu, 13.05

    Bronze: Feng Yun, Guangdong, 13.08     

    400m hurdles

    Gold: Huang Xiaoxiao, Shandong, 54.18 seconds

    Silver: Wang Xing, Hunan, 54.40

    Bronze: Zhang Rongrong, Individual, 55.91     

    4x100m relay

    Gold: Jiangsu, 44.19 seconds

    Silver: Guangxi, 44.25

    Bronze: Heilongjiang, 44.67     

    4x400m relay

    Gold: Guangdong, 3 minutes 30.51 seconds

    Silver: Shandong, 3:30.63

    Bronze: Hunan, 3:37.17     

    High Jump

    Gold: Jing Xuezhu, Beijing, 1.92 meters

    Silver: Gu Biwei, Zhejiang, 1.90

    Bronze: Gu Xuan, Chinese Army, 1.84     

    Pole Vault

    Gold: Zhao Yingying, Zhejiang, 4.40 meters

    Silver: Yang Jing, Guangdong, 4.40

    Bronze: Gao Shuying, Shanghai, 4.30     

    Long Jump

    Gold: Guan Yingnan, Jiangsu, 6.65 meters

    Silver: Zhang Yuan, Guangdong, 6.50

    Bronze: Liu Huahua, Hunan, 6.47     

    Triple Jump

    Gold: Huang Qiuyan, Guangxi, 14.54 meters

    Silver: Wang Yin, individual, 13.96

    Bronze: Wu Lingmei, Guangdong, 13.92     

    Shot Put

    Gold: Li Meiju, Hebei, 18.88 meters

    Silver: Li Ling, Liaoning, 18.68

    Bronze: Qian Chunhua, Jiangsu, 18.58     

    Discus Throw

    Gold: Li Qiumei, Shanxi, 64.89 meters

    Silver: Huang Qun, Jiangsu, 64.53

    Bronze: Song Aimin, Hebei, 63.40     

    Hammer Throw

    Gold: Liu Yinghui, Individual, 72.17 meters

    Silver: Zhang Wenxiu, Chinese Army, 71.84

    Bronze: Yang Meiping, Jiangsu, 68.09     

    Javelin Throw

    Gold: Ma Ning, Hebei, 60.64 meters

    Silver: Xue Juan, Jiangsu, 59.87

    Bronze: Geng Aihua, Shandong, 59.04     


    Gold: Shen Shengfei, Zhejiang, 6,165 points

    Silver: Liu Haili, Liaoning, 6,132

    Bronze: Wang Hailan, Hainan, 6,128     

    20km Race Walk

    Gold: Bai Yanmin, Jiangsu, 1 hour 27 minutes 37 seconds

    Silver: Jiangjing, Jiangsu, 1:28:14

    Bronze: Shi Na, Shandong, 1:28:24     


    Gold: Sun Yingjie, Railway Sports Association, 2 hours 21 minutes 01 second

    Silver: Zhou Chunxiu, Jiangsu, 2:21:11

    Bronze: Sun Weiwei, Liaoning, 2:27:35


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