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Guangdong launches "cellphone newspaper"
www.chinaview.cn 2005-08-10 11:18:10

    BEIJING, Aug. 10 -- One can read the news on one's mobile phone! On August 8th, Guangdong Mobile and Xinhua News Agency and the three major newspaper groups in Guangdong province officially launched the business of "cellphone newspaper".

    The more than 45 million Guangdong mobile users through their cellphone's internet access, multimedia message, SMS can read the interesting content of nine media including Xinhua Express News, Reference News, Nanfang Daily, Guangzhou Daily, Yangcheng Evening News.

    According to relevant persons at Guangdong Mobile, it is very convenient for readers to peruse news on their mobile phones. Guangdong Mobile customers through their mobile phones can access the internet platform Monternet (Mobile + Internet) to enter items on "Guangdong Colors" and can read that day's "cellphone newspaper".

    "Cellphone newspaper" has its biggest advantage in being available any time, any place and close at hand and completely escapes the space and time limitations of traditional newspaper. No matter where the read is, he can turn on his mobile phone and leisurely read the latest news. In addition, "cellphone newspaper" can also efficiently and quickly realize the interactivity between the reader and the media, enabling the reader to provide news leads to media on a timely basis.

    Relevant experts believe that the launch of "cellphone newspaper" will have revolutionary overturns fitting with modern times to traditional media, enabling the mobile phone to be on the highway towards becoming the "fifth media".


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