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TV Emcee--Yang Lan Profile

    Yang Lan, born in 1968 in Beijing, who holds a master's degree from Columbia University in the United States, is one of China's 50 most successful entrepreneurs and probably China's wealthiest self-made woman.

    Yang Lan was 21 in her last year at the Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1990 when she auditioned for ¨C and won -- the position of host of the Zheng Da variety show on China Central Television. Within a year Zheng Da, a prime-time-Saturday celebrity quiz and talk show, was China's top-rated TV program, with an audience of 220 million.  

    Despite her celebrity, Yang Lan quit the show after four years to go to New York where she spent two years earning a master's degree at Columbia University's School of International & Public Affairs.

    Yang's TV skills are matched by a keen mind for business. In 1999, with her husband, Bruno Wu Zheng, she started her own media company, Sun Television Cyber networks (Sun TV). Traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange since last April, Sun TV was valued at $179 million on Nov. 3. Yang owns 35%, worth $63 million.

    Yang's mother was an engineer, and her father taught English literature at Beijing Foreign Studies University and sometimes served as the official translator for former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.

    Yang Lan was appointed one of the image ambassadors of Beijing in its 2008 bid in January, joining Deng Yaping and two other Chinese women to be so honored: Gong Li, the film actress, and Sang Lan, the gymnast who was paralyzed in 1998 as she represented China at the Goodwill Game in the United States. (Source:

Yang Lan Gallery

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Yang Lan, Sun TV chairwoman, visits and chats with the netizens on line.

Yang Lan(R)with famous singer Fei Xiang


Yang Lan(R)and Gong Li(2nd fr R)record the song "New Beijing Great Olympics" for Beijing's bidding for 2008 Olympiad

Yang Lan (R) with her husband 



About¡°Yang Lan Studio¡±

    Having developed from a TV program into a household brandname, "Yang Lan Studio" launched via Sun Satellite Television Channel in June 25, 2001 , occupies a prominent position in the media industry and the audience mind in the PRC. "Yang Lan Studio" not only addresses the fast changing environment in the PRC but also international concerns in politics, culture, and economy. In this new series of "Yang Lan Studio", Ms. Yang Lan uses more professional techniques, wider vision and more in-depth thinking to interview renowned figures from all over the world. These include Wang Guang Mei, former PRC First Lady; Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, U.S.; Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric; Li Ao, the famous writer from Taiwan and Tan Dun, who has just won the Oscar Original Music Award. Through the program, Ms. Yang Lan brings the audience and celebrities closer together and acts as a bridge between the East and the West.

    Chairman of Sun Television, Ms Yang Lan said, "As our mission is 'to educate through entertainment, and to illuminate through information¡¯, the newly launched "Yang Lan Studio" is different from its former version and other talk show programs in several aspects. All the interviewees are people who create history or influence the world's development. Besides, we have developed our own unique features by no longer focusing on current issues or a profession, instead, using personal experiences, intuition and wisdom as the main theme, the program attempts to describe the individuals, their way of life and character through flesh and blood experiences which reveal the interviewees¡¯ wisdom and philosophy."

About Sun Television Cybernetworks Holdings Limited

    Sun Television Cybernetworks Holdings Limited is a producer of Chinese-language television thematic-documentary programming and content, targeting the PRC and the Greater China region.

    It has an exclusive agreement with A&E Television Networks, one of the leading producers of History and Biography programming in the world. The Group both adapts A&E¡¯s History and Biography programs into a localized, Mandarin language format, as well as produces its own Chinese programs, at its well-equipped production centres in the PRC and Hong Kong. The Sun Television Satellite Channel currently transmits a 24-hour channel over the AsiaSat 3S satellite and distributes branded blocks of its programs to cable and terrestrial television systems in the PRC. In October 2000, the Group was named by Forbes Global magazine as one of the top 300 small cap companies in the world and one of the twenty companies which Forbes forecasts will "become stars in their respective fields." (Source:Sun TV)

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