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British soldiers threaten to sue over "Iraq War Syndrome"

Xinhuanet 2003-05-27 18:06:02

””””LONDON, May 27 (Xinhuanet) -- Four British soldiers have threatened to sue the Ministry of Defense, claiming they are suffering symptoms akin to Gulf War Syndrome following the US-led war in Iraq, the BBC reported on Tuesday.

””””The unidentified soldiers are blaming their ailments, including depression, eczema and breathing problems, on a series of vaccinations against chemical weapons they had before the war, the report said.

””””"The symptoms which these individuals are experiencing are identical to those of the individuals I represent in relation to the Gulf War conflict," the BBC quoted the group's lawyer Mark McGhee as saying.

””””Charles Plumridge, senior coordinator of the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association, was also quoted as saying the symptoms were more or less similar to the ones from the war against Iraq in 1991.

””””The only difference was that they had come on earlier, Plumridge added.

””””Gulf War Syndrome, associated with a vast array of symptoms including fatigue, nausea, fever and depression, has been attributed to stress, smoke from oil-burning wells, depleted uranium ammunition, as well as injections.

””””The syndrome still remains a controversial issue, with many believing that the nebulous condition could be psychosomatic.

””””The British government has disputed that the illness suffered by Gulf War veterans amount to a "syndrome" and a government-funded review said last week that there was "little evidence" to support claims that multiple vaccinations had caused illness.

””””However, a British Gulf War veteran claimed victory early this month after a war pensions appeal tribunal ruled that his osteoporosis could be linked to injections he had before the war. Enditem

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