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Day 25, latest reports

Xinhuanet 2003-04-14 15:02:26

Day 25, April 13, latest reports

Downtown Baghdad

Spot 1 Looting continues in capital

Chaos continues throughout Baghdad as residents looted army barracks and warehouses on the western outskirts. There were also reports of looting at an institute of military studies and the Al-Alam Presidential Palace.

Spot 2  Journalist ambushed

Gunmen ambushed and kidnapped three Malaysian journalists and killed their Iraqi interpreter, Malaysian officials said. They were later released unharmed, Two Malaysian doctors were wounded in the same incident.

A Marine at a checkpoint in Baghdad was killed by a gunman carrying Syrian identity papers.

Spot 3 Engineers arrive to restore power

A team of 32 U.S. Army engineers landed at Baghdad's airport. Their job will be to help restore electricity to the beleaguered capital.

24,000 pounds of medical supplies landed at Baghdad's international airport for hospitals in Baghdad.


Spot 1 Hussein's half brother captured

Saddam Hussein's half brother, Watban Ibrahim Hassan, was captured in northern Iraq as he tried to escape into Syria.

U.S. forces stopped a bus heading for Syria with 59 men aboard, $630,000 and a letter offering rewards for killing American soildiers.

Spot 2 U.S. soldier shot

A U.S. Special Forces soldier was shot and wounded in the leg while driving during a patrol. In a separate incident, a Turkish doctor was also shot and injured.

Spot 3 U.S. POWs released

Iraqi troops surprised a group of U.S. Marines on the outskirts of Tikrit when they released seven captured U.S. soldiers. The former POWs were in goog condition.

A Marines task force entered Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit, signaling the imminent fall of the last major bastion of his loyalists.

Spot 4 Coalition control of south strengthened

U.S. Marines entered the town of Al Kut unopposed. To the south, British forces relieved the 1st Marine Division in Al Amara, and now control the area between Al Amara and the port city of Basra.

Spot 5 Last well fire extinguished

Kuwaiti firefighters put out the last oil well fire at al-Rumeila field in southern Iraq, a Kuwait oil industry spokesman said.

The other twn wells sabotaged by Iraqis at the outset of the war were either extinguished or were allowed to burn themselves out.

The U.S. military secured the other 1,000 wells in southern Iraq at the beginning of war.

Spot 6 Weapons cache seized

British forces have seized 250 rocket-propelled grenade launchers and other weapons believed to have been stored for suicide bombers in Basra, according to British pool reports.

Spot 7 Carriers may be heading home

The U.S. Navy may send two or three of the five aricraft carriers currently in the regional back to their home port as air operations over Iraq subside.

The USS Kitty Hawk, which has operated in the Persian Gulf since February, probably would be the first to leave.

The USS Constellation, also in the Gulf and on its final active deployment, probably would go next.

(Source: USA Today, updated 5:40 pm ET)

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