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Iraq war map indication: day 22, latest reports

Xinhuanet 2003-04-11 15:37:24

(Source: USA Today, updated 10:40 pm ET, April 10)

Downtown Baghdad

Spot 1: Marines hurt in palace fight

One Marine was killed and up to 20 comrades injured in a gun battle as their unit seized a palace on the northern outskirts, Marines also cleared out two mosques after determining that volunteer fighters from other Arab countries were inside, firing on U.S. troops.

Spot 2: Marines battle remaining forces

U.S. Marines engaged in intense fighting with pro-Saddam forces at the Imam Mosque, the Azimihyah Palace and the house of a Baath party leader.

U.S. troops acted on information that regime leaders were trying to orgnize a meeting in the area.

Spot 3: Looters burn interior ministry

Looters  were seen setting fire to same buidings in the Interior Ministry complex. The nine-story Ministry of Transport building also was gutted by fire, but it wasn't known if looters were responsible.

Spot 4: Suicide bomber hits Marines

A suicide bomber struck this evening near the Palestine hotel, injuring four U.S. Marines, CNN reported. 

Spot 5: Iraqis continue looting spree

Thousands of people from poor outlying districts surged into central Baghdad with wheelbarrows, pushcarts and pickup trucks to engage in a new round of looting. The German Embassy was among the looted buildings.

Spot 6: U.S. Marine killed

A U.S. Marine was killed in a suicide bombing at a checkpoint in Saddam City, a working class suburb of Baghdad.

Spot 7: U.S visits bombing site

Hoping to resolve the mystery, U.S. special operations forces examined a site in a Baghdad residential neighborhood that was bombed Monday based on intelligence that Saddam and at least one of his sons were there. Saddam's fate remained unknown.


Spot 1:Coalition strikes Mosul

Central Command said special operations forces and airstrikes were "actively engaging" Iraqi forces in the city.

Kurdish fighters allied with coalition forces captured an air-defense bese on a hilltop 10 miles northeast of Mosul.

Spot 2: Kurds celebrate regime's fall

People in the Kurdish city of Irbil ran into the streets to celebrate regime's fall.

Spot 3: Iraqi resistance no match

Kurds with help from U.S. special operations forces routed Iraqi troops near Altun Kupri. The assault pushed Iraqi troops back toward Kirkuk.

A Kurdish commander said some of the fighters were wounded and 10 to 15 Iraqis were taken prisoner in the battle.

Spot 4: Kirkuk oilfields intact

At Dibis, on a road running along the western edge of the Kirkuk oilfields, Kurdish forces and U.S. special operations troops moved into town. Oil facilities are intact around town.

Spot 5: Kurds enter Kirkuk

Convoys of Kurdish peshmerga fighters moved into the oil-rich city of Kirkuk.

Spot 6: Focus turns to Tikrit

U.S. warplanes intensified bombing on Iraqi positions around Saddam Hussin's hometown and power base of Tikrit.

Spot 7: Kurds take Khaneqin

The city's residents were under an Iraqi imposed 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. curfew for several days. Shortly after Iranian TV broadcasted images Wednesday evening og Bagfdad's fall, people emerged to find soldies and members of the ruling Baath Party gone.

Spot 8: Iraqi die-hards still present

Marines, who bypassed this city on their way to Baghdad, said there are 1,500 to 2,000 Iraqi die-hards holed up here. They are remnants from the battered Republican Guard, Baath Party militia and volunteers from other Arab or Islamic countries.

Spot 9: Crowd slays two clerics

A crowd rushed two Islamic clerics and hacked them to death in Najaf. An unknown number of people were injured. The killings of Haider al-Kadar and Abdul Majid al-Khoei took place at the shrine of Imam Ali, one of the holiest sites of Shiite Islam.

Spot 10: Food aid reches impoverished city

The first trickle of food aid arrived in this southern city. Temporary water treatment facilities set up downtown. In other parts of the city, power and water have been restored.

Spot 11: Residents urged to give up guns

Hoping to restore some degree of order to Basra, British troops Thursday asked residents to turn in their guns.

Spot 12: Port declared officially open

British forces controlling this port city declared it open to merchant shipping. Coalition forces have cleared the channel of mines.

Spot 13: More U.S. troops prepare to enter Iraq

The Army's 4th Infantry Division, working round the clock hauling its tanks, howitzers and other vehicles into a camp in Kuwait's northern desert, is expected to enter Iraq within a week.

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