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Iraq war map indication: day 21, latest reports

Xinhuanet 2003-04-10 16:35:30

(Source: USA Today, updated 11:51 pm ET, April 9)

Downtown Baghdad

Spot 1: Another Saddam Palace seized

Marines seized Saddam's Azumiyah Palace, raided the headquarters of the general security directorate and swarmed into a barracks of the Special Republican Guard.

Spot 2: Shiite suburb celebrates

In Saddam City, a poor Shiite suburb, young men tore up posters of Saddam, and women tossed flowers at U.S. Marines. There was looting, and Iraqi artillery occasionally fired into neighborhoods.

Spot 3: Marines mop up resistance

U.S. Marines pushed forward, securing routes inside the city and purshing roving bands of three of four Iraqis armed with rocket-propelled grenaders and automatic weapons.

Spot 4: Troops occupy center of Baghdad

Coalition tanks entered Firdos Square in Wednesday, encicling a large status of Saddam Hussin. A crowd of Iraqi citizens gathered to topple the statue.

Spot 5: U.S. Army invades from north

For the first time, U.S. Army units moved into central Baghdad from the north.

Spot 6: Saddam's fate unknown

Saddam Hussein's supporters retained control of the Baghdad neighborhood targeted by four 2,000-pound bombs in a U.S. strike aimed at killing the Iraqi president. Residents said that 14 people, including seven children, were killed and scores wounded in homes and shops near the site.

Spot 7: General visits Palace

Maj. Gen. Burford Blount II, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, visited a command post set up at the New Presidential Palace.Col. David Perkins told Blount his forces can go anywhere in the city and meet only sporadic sniping. 

Spot 8: Firefight at university

U.S. Marines came under attack Wednesday at Baghdad University and stormed onto the campus to return fire. The firefight was in stark contrast to a long strech of road.


Spot 1: Coalition strikes Mosul

Central Command said special operations forces and airstrikes were "actively engaging" Iraqi forces in the city.

Kurdish fighters allied with coalition forces captured an air-defense base on a hilltop 10 miles northeast of Mosul.

Spot 2: Kurds seize air defense site

U.S. troops and Kurdish fighters seized a strategic mountaintop in northern Iraq, eliminating a crucial air defense installation near the city of Mosul. A member of the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party said the seizure means no Iraqi defenses remain between Kurdish-U.S. forces and Iraq's third-largest city. 

Spot 3: Kurds celebrate regime's fall

People in the Kurdish city of Irbil ran into the streets to celebrate regime's fall.

Spot 4: Kurds eye Kirkuk

Kurdish forces have tightened their ring around the key oil center of Kirkuk, and were within sight of the city following heavy coalition airstrikes on front-line Iraqi posotions.

Turkish leaders object to any Kurdish move on Kirkuk, Iraq's No. 2 oil region. Iraq Kurds are helping coalition forces advance toward Kirkuk and Mosul.

Spot 5: Residents celebrate coalition arrival

People celebrated the arrival of coalition forces.

Spot 6: Focus turns to Tikrit

U.S. Central Command said coalition airstrikes were targeting the Republican Guard's Adnan division in Tikrit before U.S. ground forces move in.

Coalition rescue teams were searching for the crew of a F-15E fighter jet that went down on a mission near the city.

Spot 7: Iraqi die-hards still present

Marines, who bypassed this city on their way to Baghdad, said there are 1,500 to 2,000 Iraqi die-hards holed up here. They are remnants from the battered Republican Guard, Baath Party militia and volunteers from other Arab or Islamic countries.

Spot 8: Suspected torture chamber found

U.S. Marines found what they suspect was a forture chamber at an office of Saddam's Baath Party or of the Iraqi intelligence service. They found photographs of badies of people who apparently had been burned alive, and a device to deliver electric shocks.

Spot 9: Looters harm relief efforts

With the presence of British forces, looters have been plundering government buildings, universities and hospitals in Basra. A Red Cross representative said the looting could delay relief efforts in the city of 1.3 million.

Spot 10: More U.S. troops prepare to enter Iraq

The Army's 4th Infantry Division, working round the clock hauling its tanks, howitzers and other vehicles into a camp in Kuwait's northern desert, is expected to enter Iraq within a week.

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