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Iraq war map indication: day 19, latest reports

Xinhuanet 2003-04-08 13:51:33

(Source: USA Today, updated 8:57 pm ET, April 7)

Downtown Baghdad

Spot 1 Troops raid central Baghdad

More than 70 tanks and 60 Bradley fighting vehicles took part in a daylight thrust by the Army's 3rd Infantry Division, with tank-killing A-10 Warthog planes and pilotless drones providing air cover against mostly disorganized resistance.

Spot 2: Snipers shoot from hotel

During their armored thrust into the city, allied forces also surrounded the state-owned Al-Rashid Hotel for a time.

Iraqi snipers fired on U.S. soldiers from rooms in the state-owned hotel after a platoon conducted a patrol in the neighborhood. U.S. tanks returned fire with their main guns and .50 caliber machine guns.

Spot 3: Missle hits residential area

At least nine civillians died when a missile hit a residential area, witnessed said. The report could not be independently verified.

Spot 4: U.S. seizes presidential palace

American troops took control of the New Presidential Palace. Soldiers rifled through documents in the bombed-out compound and helped themselves to souvenirs.

U.S. troops set up a prisoner of war collection point in the palace compound.

Spot 5: Baghdad bombardment continues

In the afternoon, Baghdad continued to be rocked by explosions in areas on the west bank of the Tigris River.

Spot 6: Iraqis shoot from university

Across from the New Presidential Palace, Iraqi forces took up positions in buildings that make up the University of Baghdad. U.S. troops called in mortar fire and close air support to shell and bomb the Iraqi fighters.

Spot 7: Iraq battles to retake airport

Meanwhile, at Baghdad's airport, members of the 101st Airborne Division fought Iraqis in military uniform in a prolonged overnight battle, killing at least 100 fighters.

Spot 8: Rockets cause U.S. casualties

Rockets hit a group of U.S. armored personnel carriers in southern Baghdad. Six people were reported missing and a large number were wounded.

Spot 9: Report chemical agents on missiles

A U.S. Marine told USA TODAY that he received an intelligence report saying missiles tipped with sarin and mustard agents had been found in western Baghdad. Unconfirmed report says that the U.S. found 20 medium-range BM-21missiles.


Spot 1: Coalition forces advance toward Kirkuk

Forces were advancing toward Kirkuk, a major oil center.

Spot 2: "Chemical Ali" found dead

British officials said they found the body of Iraqi Gen. Ali Hassan al-Majid, whose home had been targeted in weekend bombing. Al-Majid, a cousin of Saddam, gained the nickname "Chemical Ali" for ordering a poison gas attack that killed thousands of Kurds in 1988. 

Spot 3: Franks visits Najaf

Gen. Tommy Franks, the overall commander, visited Najaf on his way to Baghdad from his forward command base in Qatar. He also visited two other locations that were not disclosed.

Spot 4: Marines killed in bridge fight

Two Marines were killed and two wounded when their armored troop carrier was hit by artillery at a canal bridge south of Baghdad. The Marines advanced into the capital by foot and amphibious vehicles after the Iraqis blew apart the bridge.

Two U.S. soldiers and two journalists were killed and 15 prople wounded when an Iraqi rocket hit a U.S.communications center south of Baghdad.

Spot 5: Suspicious barrels found: MSNBC

Fourteen barrels containing suspected chemical agents were found near Karbala, MSNBC reported.

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