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Letter from bin Laden found in mosque in Italy

Xinhuanet 2003-04-05 00:29:22

””””ROME, April 4 (Xinhuanet) -- A letter from Osama bin Laden inviting young Saudis to join a Holy War against the United States has been found in the mosque of Cremona, Italy's northern city, a local newspaper reported Friday.

””””The letter, which dated back to 1996, was discovered during a recent raid on the mosque by Italian police from nearby Brescia, where prosecutors have been conducting an anti-terrorism probe fortwo years.

””””News of the find was published Friday by the local Cremona newspaper, which said the letter spoke about plans for spectacular attacks on the United States and US symbols in the world.

””””The imam of the Cremona mosque, Mourad Trabelsi, was arrested earlier this week as a result of a separate terrorism investigation by prosecutors in Milan.

””””He, along with the former head of a Florence mosque and five others, were charged with conspiring with Ansar Al Islam, a fundamentalist group based in northern Iraq with reported links to bin Laden's al Qaeda network. Enditem



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