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Hamas claims responsibility for rockets attack on Israel

Xinhuanet 2003-03-04 03:38:56

   GAZA, March 3 (Xinhuanet) -- Ezzdine Al Qassam, the armed wing of Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), claimed responsibility on Monday for launching five Al Qassam-2 Rockets from northern Gaza Strip at Israel.

   The rockets landed near the town of Sderout in southern Israel.

   Launching Al Qassam rockets at Israel "is the natural reaction of Hamas movement to the massacres Israelis carried out every day against our people," the group said in a leaflet sent to reporters.

   Israel Radio also reported that three rockets landed near Sderout, with one of them hit a residential neighborhood, causing horror among the residents. But no injuries were reported.

   Ezzdine Al Qassam claimed that it is a legitimate right for the Palestinians "to respond to the crimes that are committed against our defenseless Palestinian people by using all available means until the end of the military occupation." 

   Firing the rockets was also a retaliation to the Israeli army military operation carried out earlier into Al Buriej refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, in which nine Palestinians were killed, five houses were demolished, the group said.  Enditem

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