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Kenya proposes to hold Somali reconciliation conference

Xinhuanet 2002-09-07 04:38:13

””””NAIROBI, Sept. 6 (Xinhua)net -- Kenyan Foreign Minister Marsden Madoka proposed Friday that the much-postponed Somali National Reconciliation Conference be held in Kenya on Sept. 30.

””””Speaking at the opening session of the Council of Ministers of the regional Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Maduka noted that the conference could not be delayed any longer.

””””The IGAD consists of Kenya, Uganda Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eritrea,Djibouti and Somalia.

””””Noting that the situation in Somalia is a matter of grave concern to the east African region, the Kenyan minister said previous initiatives for peace in Somalia had been unsuccessful.

””””"But we should bear in mind that our reconciliation initiative is an ongoing process," he stressed, "our expectations should be realistic in view of the complexity of the task ahead of us."

””””"Somali faction leaders have not been ready to give up their personal interests. Also external actors, particularly from beyondthe immediate sub-region, have involved themselves in initiatives that run counter to the IGAD initiative," Madoka told the ministers.

””””"Instability in Somalia poses a serious threat to peace and stability in our region. We should not waiver in our resolve in the search for a peaceful resolution to the problems in Somalia," he declared.

””””The Somali reconciliation conference, proposed by the frontlinestates of Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti, was originally scheduled to be held in Kenya in April, but has been repeatedly postponed.

””””The IGAD ministers are expected to discuss and adopt a report by a technical committee on Somalia. Enditem


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