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3 missing students' bodies found in 6700-meter high snow field

Xinhuanet 2002-08-19 23:37:46

””””LHASA, Southwest China, Aug. 19 (Xinhuanet) -- Chinese rescue team Monday found the other three rope-tied bodies from the Beijing University mountaineering team in the 7294-meter high West Peak of Mount Xixabangma in Tibet.

””””The three bodies were found tightly tied with a rope in the 6700-meter-high Camp Three, where five members of the Beijing University mountaineering team were killed due to a huge avalancheabout two weeks ago.

””””The other two were found about five days ago.

””””The rescue team found their bodies this morning. They spent nearly three hours digging them out, cleaning the remains and taking the picture. As the weather turned warm they found it's dangerous to carry the bodies down. A difficult decision was finally made to bury them back to snow with a visible mark on surface.

””””The rescue team carried back those things left behind by the casualty, including their clothes, watches and cameras.

””””The 15-member Beijing University mountaineering team started their expedition on July 24 and extended the route to the snow field about 6,600 meters above the sea level on August 2, and built up three camps.

””””Five students of Group A went missing when they tried their final sprint to the West Peak, which had only been conquered by two persons before.

””””According to experts, poor weather condition was the major cause of the mountaineering tragedy. Enditem

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