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Nigerian Opabunmi Third Youngest Player
新华网 (2002-06-12 15:07:15)

  OSAKA, Japan, June 12 (Xinhuanet) -- Nigerian teenager Femi Opabunmi became the third youngest player to play in the World Cup finals when he played against England in their group F match on Wednesday.

  Opabunmi was born in March 1985 and made his finals debut aged 17 years and 101 days old.

  The only younger players in World Cup history have been Norman Whiteside, who played for Northern Ireland in 1982, and Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon who played for Cameroon in both 1998 and this year.

  Whiteside made his first appearance in the World Cup aged 17 years 41 days while Eto'o was 17 years 99 days. Enditem

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