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China, East Timor Establish Diplomatic Relations

Xinhuanet 2002-05-19 23:54:46

   DILI, May 20 (Xinhuanet) -- China and East Timor formally
established diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level here
   A Communique on establishing diplomatic relations signed by the
foreign ministers of both countries made China the first country
to have set up diplomatic ties with East Timor since it declared
independence early Monday.
   It said both governments are ready to develop friendly
relations and cooperation between the two countries and to
actively expand cooperation in various fields, particularly
exchanges and cooperation in trade and the economic field on the
basis of five principles of peaceful coexistence.
   The East Timorese government, which was sworn in by President
Xanana Gusmao Monday morning, approved the Sino-East Timor joint
Communique at its first cabinet meeting soon after the
inauguration ceremony.
   The Communique said China respects the independence,
sovereignty and territorial integrity of East Timor.
   The East Timorese government recognizes that there is but one
china in the world, that Taiwan is an inalienable part of the
Chinese territory, and that the government of the People's
Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the
whole of China, said the Communique.
   In an interview with Chinese journalists after signing the
joint communique, Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan said China
attaches much importance to the relations with East Timor.
   He said China will take active measures to push forward the
relations between the two countries.
   The creation of the Democratic Republic of East Timor has added
one more new and good-neighborly partner to China, said Tang, who
was here to attend the independent celebrations of East Timor.
   During the new historic period, there will be a great potential
for friendly cooperation between China and East Timor,
particularly in oil and gas exploration, agriculture, fishery and
telecommunications, Tang said.
   The smooth political development between both sides will
provide favorable conditions for bilateral economic and trade
cooperation, he added.
   China will support East Timor in joining the United Nations and
other international and regional organizations, he said.
   The Chinese foreign minister left East Timor Monday after a
three-day visit to Dili, where he also inaugurated the new Chinese
Embassy in the world's newest country.  Enditem

Chinese President Congratulates East Timor's Independence

   DILI, May 20 (Xinhuanet) -- Chinese President Jiang Zemin Monday
congratulated East Timor President Xanana Gusmao on East Timor's
   Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan, who was in Dili to
attend the independence celebrations, conveyed the message to
President Gusmao.
   The message said, "On the occasion of the proclamation of
independence of the Democratic Republic of East Timor, I wish to
extend, on behalf of the Government and people of the People's
Republic of China and in my own name, our warm congratulations and
best wishes to Your Excellency and, through Your Excellency, to
your Government and people."
   "The smooth fruition of the independence process of East Timor
opens a new chapter in the history of your country. I have every
confidence that, under your leadership and through the joint
endeavors of your people, the newborn Democratic Republic of East
Timor will enjoy an even brighter future," the message said.
   It added, "The traditional friendship between the people of
China and the people of East Timor dates back to ancient times.
Over the recent years, the two sides have kept up exchanges and
cooperation in political, economic, trade and other fields."
   "The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and
East Timor on the occasion of the proclamation of independence of
your country lays a solid foundation for the future development of
the bilateral relations. I am ready to work relentlessly with Your
Excellency to constantly promote the good neighborly and friendly
ties and cooperation between China and East Timor."   Enditem

   Full Text of The Message From Jiang


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