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Jackie Chan From Hong Kong to Receive Stunt Award

Xinhuanet 2002-05-16 06:04:54
   LOS ANGELES,  May 15 (Xinhuanet) -- World-renowned action film
star and stuntman Jackie Chan from Hong Kong has been selected by
the World Stunt Academy to receive an award at the second annual
World Stunt Awards to be held on May 19 in Los Angeles.
   The academy said Wednesday that Chan will receive the 2002
Taurus Honorary Achievement Award For Acting in Action Films via
live satellite from Prague where he is currently filming Shanghai
Knights, an honor that was presented during last year's inaugural
show to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
   "As an actor and martial artist, receiving an honorary lifetime
achievement as an actor in action films at the World Stunt Awards
is like receiving an Academy Award," Chan was quoted as saying. "I
am very proud and very grateful."
   The World Stunt Academy was launched last year. Its 1,000
members who understand the scope of stunt work best are eligible
to cast votes for World Stunt Awards winners.
   Michael Bay, one of Hollywood's leading action directors  has
been selected as the recipient of this year's achievement award
for directing action films. The honor was presented to John Woo
last year.
   This year's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award will be
given to Buddy Van Horn "in recognition of his pioneering work
that has helped blaze a trail for succeeding generations of stunt
performance."  During his career of six decades as a stunt man and
stunt coordinator, Van Horn has doubled stars such as Clint
Eastwood and Henry Fonda, among many others.  Enditem

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