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UNDP Head Visits Bolivia en Route to Monterrey

Xinhuanet 2002-03-15 15:23:17

   UNITED NATIONS, March 14 (Xinhuanet) -- The head of the United
Nations Development Program (UNDP), Mark Malloch Brown, on
Thursday began a two-day visit to Bolivia before heading for
Mexico to participate in the upcoming International Conference on
Financing for Development.
   On Thursday morning, Brown, together with Bolivian President
Jorge Quiroga, launched the 2002 National Human Development Report
in La Paz, U.N. officials said here.
   The UNDP administrator is expected to travel to Santa Cruz on
Friday for a high-level meeting on capacity building for
   From Bolivia, Brown is scheduled to continue his trip to
Monterrey, Mexico, for the global conference, which will get under
way on March 18.
   In Vienna, the UNDP Regional Support Center noted that the
Monterrey conference would call attention to the dramatic changes
over the past decade in development cooperation assistance,
including support for several Central European countries that
previously were not targets of UNDP and donor assistance.
   In addition to helping countries construct their own
development cooperation strategies, UNDP was also exploring new
collaborative financing mechanisms that would enable them to use
the agency's financial and programmatic infrastructure to realize
their plans.
   "Innovative forms of financial and other partnerships must be
used to promote development," UNDP said, stressing that
development actors must increasingly supplement their own
financial resources with funds coming from other sources.  Enditem

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