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Tanzania Urges Africans to Oppose EU's Sanctions on Zimbabwe

Xinhuanet 2002-02-20 04:37:19
   DAR ES SALAAM, February 19 (Xinhuanet) -- Tanzanian President
Benjamin Mkapa Tuesday urged Africans to say no to European Union's
machinations to partition the African continent in Brussels,
Belgium now just as they did at Berlin, Germany in 1884.
   Mkapa made the remarks when addressing a public rally at
Tarakea in Rombo district in northern Kilimanjaro region where he
was on a working tour.
   "As you have heard about Zimbabwe (and the EU's decision to
impose sanctions), it seems they want to divide Africa at Brussels
in 2002 just as they did in Berlin in 1884. Africans must say No!
No! No!" he stressed.
   Mkapa insisted that an independent nation is independent, its
leaders deserve respect and its people are free to make decisions
on their own free will and not by being directed indiscriminately.
   He assured Zimbabweans that Tanzanians support them and as an
independent nation they should decide on their own peacefully.
   "You should decide on your own. Don't be bulldozed by the
second Berlin conference," he said.
   He said it was impossible in the year 2002 for Brussels to act
as the 1884 Berlin conference where the African continent was
partitioned into small nations.
   "This is neo-colonialism and economic colonialism. How can full-
grown people belittle President Robert Mugabe, the head of state
of an independent nation. This is neo-colonialism, we (Africans)
should reject it," he stressed.
   The Tanzanian president said it was at the 1884 Berlin
conference where Africa was divided by European nations before
being colonized.
   "We fought for independence, won it we tried and do try to
build the economy, and govern ourselves in line with principles of
democracy. But the decision still resides with us," he said.
   In their latest meeting, the EU foreign ministers has imposed
sanctions on Zimbabwe, targeting President Mugabe and other senior
government leaders in retaliation of Zimbabwe's decision to expel
the head of the EU election observer mission from Harare.
   Zimbabwe has criticized the sanctions describing them as
economic terrorism.
   Speaking on foreign assistance to Tanzania, Mkapa reminded the
donor community that the government would not allow assistance to
affect the country's independence and its integrity.
   "Developed countries and donors did not decide how Tanzanians
can attain their independence; they decided on their own," Mkapa
said. "In that same vein foreign powers will not be allowed to
dictate how Tanzania can develop, defend and protect their
independence."  Enditem
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