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Ancient Tombs Unearthed in SW China

Xinhuanet 2002-02-10 16:42:17


””””KUNMING, February 10 (Xinhuanet) -- Chinese archaeologists have excavated nearly 100 tombs built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in Yunnan Province, southwest China and unearthed a great number of precious cultural relics.

””””They cleaned up 66 cremation tombs and 27 graves featuring mound burial, unearthing more than 130 ancient articles.

””””Gao Feng, a research fellow with the provincial archaeological team, said that most of the relics are blue glazed porcelain and blue and white porcelain utensils such as bowl, pot, stove, dish and vase.

””””The archaeologists also dug out some funerary objects which seem to be made of tinning alloy. The objects feature the stylish shape and decorative pattern in southeast Asia, revealing a rare archaeological discovery in China.

””””The findings have provided new evidence for studying ethnic culture, religion and funerary rites in the region.

””””The tombs are located in Mengzi County which is more than 300 kilometers away from the province's capital Kunming. With a history of 725 years, the county used to be the biggest trade portin southern part of Yunnan with vital military importance. Enditem

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